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Real Time Detection – Real World Results

For handlers and manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, MASITEK offers state of the art, real time wireless detection and reporting technologies designed to immediately identify and quantify damage to fragile goods in production, packaging and distribution systems. 

Our innovative sensor technology helps reduce downtime, enhance product integrity and increase global scalability, productivity and profits.

The MASITEK product portfolio includes:

  • Shock QC™ – addresses shock levels and vertical load impact in glass bottles and aluminum cans;
  • Smart Spud™ and Produce QC™ – detects spot and shatter bruising in potatoes, apples and other produce; and
  • Crackless Egg™ – detects checks, cracks and hairline damage in laying and hatching eggs.

Widely utilized and implemented by leading manufacturers and producers around the world, this technology reduces downtime and labour costs by identifying exactly where damage is occurring, allowing customers to make instant changes and validate that the corrective actions were successful. 

Enhancing quality control all the way down the line!

“This wireless sensor technology represents a real advance to line auditing, and gives us the level of line speed control and synchronization necessary to meet the highest quality specification, even with ultra lightweight containers. We see technologies like Shock QC™ as vital tools in driving light-weighting and to support due diligence through filling line health checks.”

John Parkes
Director of Quality Control
Ardagh Glass (UK)